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Ortel 360 3d VR box remote accessories

Ortel 360 3d VR box remote accessories is ergonomic design easy to put your Smartphones in this box.The glasses Perfectly suitable for your face when you wear it. It is very flexible and adjustable headbands, suitable for all your family members and made up of High-Quality Materials ABS. This Box creates the amazing and extraordinary environments for Your experience of real 360 degrees 3D Virtual Reality Worlds. Ortel 360 3d vr box remote is the best deal for Gamers. Find your favorite one here.

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We all are in this Real World which we can see, touch and feel. But in the Virtual World, we can’t touch only see and feel the video objects. The virtual world is not a real world. The virtual world is made by humans which we can only imagine and feel. The VR Box is the same invention by humans where you can experience the virtual world. This Box gives you the experience like you are at the center of this virtual world and all the activities held around you virtually.

Sales Package 1 VR BOX, ! VR REMOTE
Model Number 3D Virtual Reality Glasses
Brand Color  Black/White
Model Name  3D Virtual Reality Glasses
Type Smart Glass Attach
Glass Type Monocle
Suitable For Entertainment
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