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2 Usb 13000 mAh Power Bank

Smartphones have never enough charge remains due to its various features. Ortel ORO5 13000 mAh Power Bank is here to make your Smart phone Battery fully charged. This product is compatible with all mobile devices and brands. You can easily carry it anywhere and the battery will last for a long time. The increasing number of power banks with advanced Quick Charge with 2 USB standards, and in some cases these are supported on the input as well as the output and these will charge your phone immediately. The USB is very useful to get more backup and you will get the micro connector.

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Ortel is the excellent brand and very efficient in its performance. Whether you are going outside for an official tour or your battery from the phones died, this ortel oro5 13000 mAh power bank will play a vital role. This durability is more than other chargers. You will get top quality charging facility with wonderful features. Ortel is the perfect way to keep your fast charge compatible smartphone or tablet charged while going out or need changing according to the needs.

  • It is very cost effective and you will get in online store easily.
  • It has Lithium Polymer Battery
  • The Micro Connector of the power bank is very efficient in giving you 100% battery backup.
  • The Capacity is 13000 mAh
  • The Power Source is AC Adapter

You will get all the benefits from the brand the Ortel and these special features of the mobile power bank will give you the best charging. You can rely on this charger and will get 100% customer satisfaction. This will give longer charging option to your smartphones. This power backup is very stylish and available in various colors. You can choose from the features and get the best buy of unique Ortel battery backup.

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